At Manipal Hospital Klang, we focus on delivering affordable and quality healthcare services to all our patients. It is our goal to make sure our patients' visits and subsequent stays are as comfortable as possible.

Patient care is our first priority and we are committed to offer the skilled health professionals and cutting-edge medical technologies and equipment to the patients. You will be guided through every stage of your medical journey, including consultation, treatment and support.


Manipal Hospitals Klang is associated with 32 Insurance Companies. Our front desk team is always happy to answer insurance queries and assist you with relevant information regarding the same.


Patient Rights

One of the core pillars of Manipal Hospital Klang is “Patient Centricity”. In addition to the high standard of services we aspire of, we are committed to respect the basic rights of patients for independence of expression, decision and action.


Patient Responsibilities

Medical care is a collaborative effort between the caregivers and recipients. Therefore, it is important for each individual to understand his/her responsibilities which must be adhered.


Admission Process

There may come a time when you or your loved ones may need to be admitted to a hospital. You or your family is required to fill in a form with details outlining the plan of treatment, preferred room type, the approximate concomitant hospitalization cost and the approximate number of days of hospitalization.


Discharge Process

The best part of being in the hospital is when the doctor comes into your room and says, "You can go home today." With this, we streamline our discharge process and make your experience with us a pleasant one.



The act regulates and prevents unauthorized use of personal data in regards to commercial transactions in certain industries, such as the banking and finance, healthcare and telecommunications industries in Malaysia.

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