Blood Urine Screening Profile

RM 300.00 RM 270.00

Vital Signs - Includes Blood Pressure & Pulse Rate Total Blood Count (Including CBC, ESR) Blood grouping (ABO & Rh)

  • Vital Signs – Includes Blood Pressure & Pulse Rate
  •  Total Blood Count (Including CBC, ESR)
  •  Blood grouping (ABO & Rh)
  •  Fasting Blood Sugar
  •  HbA1C
  •  Total Lipid Profile
  •  Liver Screening Profile (Total bilirubin, ALT, AST, ALP, GGT)
  • Renal Profile (Creatinine, Urea)
  •  Uric Acid
  •  Hepatitis Screening (Hep A Antibody, Hep B Antigen & Antibody and Hep C Antibody)
  •  Thyroid Function Test
  •  Urine FEME
  •  Consultation by Health Screening MO

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RM 300.00 RM 270.00
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