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Occupational Health Services

Manipal Hospital, Klang (MHK) focuses on delivering high class and affordable healthcare services while keeping the ethos: Clinical excellence, Patient Centricity & Ethical Practices. Along with health care services to individuals, we also protect and promote general health of the workforce, rendering quality, affordable and comprehensive occupational healthcare services to corporate houses.

The health and safety of the workforce have always been of top concern to everyone in the corporate sector. As it says: A healthy employee is not only a happy employee, he is a productive one as well. At the Occupational Health Department of Manipal Hospital, Klang we work with you to provide company specific customized care to your employees.

Our mission is to focus on the three pillars of occupational health; Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation. We collaborate with the HR department and the Safety Committee to create aconducivework environment and to help employees address their health concerns.

Our Services include:

Health surveillance and health examinations

The health surveillance and examinations help assess the suitability of the employee to the work assigned and the health impairments resulting from work hazards. The examinations also help prevent further health complications due to work inasusceptible environment. This helps in balancing employee’s work load based on their health condition.

This is done by various health questionnaires, medical examinations and blood investigations. Health surveillance includes the following:

  • Pre-assignment (pre-employment) health examinations
  • Periodic health examination
  • Return to work health examinations
  • General health examinations
  • Health examinations at terminations or after ending of service
  • Medical surveillance

Surveillance of work environment and risk assessment

We carry out surveillance of work environment and risk assessment which help identify the workplace hazards, exposed employees, extent of impairment and solutions to the problems.

The surveillance surveys include the assessment of:

  • Ergonomic factors
  • Occupational hygiene
  • Physical, Chemical and biological factors
  • Psychological factors and aspects of work organization
  • Risk of occupational accidents and major hazards
  • Protective equipment assessment
  • Effectiveness of control systems designed assessment

Primary disease care

We provide care and management of chronic illness such as diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidaemia in the office setup along with providing medical leave and minimizing the impairment due to those diseases.

In house training and education

We provide training and education to empower the management and employees so as to enable them to take informed decisions in regards to safety and health.

Travel medicine

We provide pre-travel advice and vaccinations to keep employees healthy even during the travel along with post-travel quick recovery management and travel kit.

Lung function test

Liver function tests help determine the health of the liver of employees by measuring levels of proteins, enzymes, or bilirubin in the blood.


The Audiogram helps assess an employee’s ability to hear at different frequencies in order to determine the degree of hearing loss which occurs due to working in a noisy environment.

Drug test

It is very important for the employers to keep drug misuse away from the workplace. Drug misuse can increase the chances of accidents at work and decrease the efficiency of employees. For the sake of safety and health, we also carry out drug testing of the employees.

Smoking cessation clinic

We also help creating a quit-smoking plan for employees which can help improve chances of quitting it for good. Besides, we also help prepare employees for managingthe physical and emotional issues which often arises after you quit smoking.

Healthy lifestyle program

We also have a healthy lifestyle program for employees, which can help develop a healthy lifestyle in order to improve health, increase productivity and reduce medical costs.

Employee health dashboard

We maintain a health dashboard for employees in order to provide a quick and in-depth overview of an employee’s health status.

Safety and health policy making

Health and safety is an important part of an organization, just like production and quality. Health and safety affects quality, production and your financial results. Hence we also help employees manage safety and health policies.

In-house clinic set up

We also help companies to setup an in-house clinic to offer quick treatments and wellness screenings.

Respirator assessment

We also carry out a respirator assessment to protect the respiratory system of employees from occupational hazards.

Workplace related emergency care

If an employee experiences a medical emergency, it is very important to act quickly. Keeping the thing in mind, we also provide care to employees in case of any medical emergency.

Record Keeping

Record keeping is an important and integral part of effective occupational health services. We strongly believe in the importance of proper record keeping which includes:

  • General health record, if any
  • Data on risk assessments carried out
  • Data on health examinations
  • Documents on proposals for prevention and control measures
  • Biological monitoring records


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